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Specialists in providing Medical Professionals for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies and Healthcare Clinics

Our company was established in 1998 by Gary L. Burgund, President/CEO.

We have been providing qualified, skilled healthcare professionals in Northeast Ohio for over 15 years.

Anchor Medical Staffing is committed to providing the highest standard healthcare professionals to our clients.  We are available to ensure that healthcare service providers have appropriate level staff needed on a 24/7 basis.

Anchor Medical Staffing is guided by the highest standards of healthcare excellence.  These excellence standards include technical competence, personal compassion, ethical behavior, and innovation.

Furthermore, Anchor Medical Staffing is committed to enhanced patient care and personal dignity with sensitivity to culture, ethnicity, and personal religious views without regards to race, gender, disability, or veteran status.

The company’s approach to the delivery of service in heathcare and other areas of endeavor is an organizational standard that guides all policies, practices, strategic planning, and staff behavior to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Become a member of our staff and you have the unique opportunity to schedule when and where you want to work.  We match your expertise to the appropriate facility in order to provide the best care.
Healthcare Professionals
Whether it is Per Diem, Contract or Permanent Placement – you’ll find the job you’re looking for!
Healthcare Professionals
Join us to enjoy the benefits and rewards in healthcare that match your medical skills and schedule.
Healthcare Facilities
Can’t find the staff you need when you need them?
Healthcare Facilities
Utilize our years of experience and expertise in staffing to fill your vacant healthcare jobs.
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Need a background check?
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Authorized Ohio Webcheck Provider conveniently located in Fairview Park.

Our Crew

  • Gary L. Burgund
    Gary L. BurgundPresident/CEO
  • Elaine T. Hollo
    Elaine T. HolloVice President
  • Faith Culligan
    Faith CulliganStaffing & Recruiting Manager
  • Wendy Rosado
    Wendy RosadoPayroll & Billing Coordinator
  • Andrea Gresbach
    Andrea GresbachStaffing Coordinator
    • Krista Pecchia
      Krista PecchiaStaffing Coordinator

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